Elsie’s Project Bag

To fill a request for a smaller needlework bag, the Elsie’s Project Bag was born. It was originally designed for embroidery supplies, but would also be useful for those other smaller knitting projects like socks or baby sweaters. This bag has a flap that closes with a button to keep all those little things safe. Two outside pockets can hold your needles, crochet hook and phone. The bag’s shoulder-length strap makes it easy to tote around all day.

This bag is a modern take on the concepts of the 1920s era’s stylish purses and handbags, and come in colorful prints from designers like Kaffe Fasset, Martha Negley, Denise Schmidt and Judie Rothermel. This means the bag is unique and stylish, suitable not just for your craft projects, but also for service as a handbag or purse.

The Details

elsies_fullThree or more designer fabrics (main body, flap, lining, pockets, shoulder strap).

Size 8″ x 11.5″ x 3″, 16″ tall with handles. One side pocket is 7.5″ tall with a shorter 4.5″ pocket on the other side, both 3″ wide.

An ideal bag for books, projects, or a stylish purse. Side pockets designed for carrying pens, needles, and a smartphone.

Every J. A. Craghead & Co. item is artisinally crafted by my own hands in the USA in a pet-free, smoke-free environment.

The Story Behind the Name…

elsieThis bag was named after my grandmother Elsie. She was a stylish woman, and almost all the photos I have of Elsie show her in 1920s era dresses that recall the Jazz age and the flapper movement. Elsie at the beach with a Japanese parasol, Elsie on a bungalow front porch with a stylish slim dress, Elsie on a day-trip via automobile (how modern!), picnicking in the woods with her husband and friends.

One of the necessary accessories for a woman in that time was a versatile but sophisticated handbag. Back then, bags came in all sizes and shapes, sometimes of fabric, sometimes made of threaded beads. I still have a few like the latter, probably part of Elsie’s collection, handed down to me via my mother. This bag was inspired by them, and is my modern take on the concepts of that era’s stylish purses and handbags.


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